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November, 9th 2007: Physical results from Pierre Auger Observatory

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The purpose of the Pierre Auger Observatory is to study cosmic rays which constantly arrive to the earth surface. Due to the high occurrence of low-energy cosmic rays, they have become relatively well understood in the 80 years since their discovery. However, cosmic rays at higher energies are much rarer. Also, primary cosmic rays can never be directly observed, and must be researched instead through the properties of the air showers which they cause in our upper atmosphere.

The Pierre Auger Observatory is an international Collaboration, involving 17 countries, to study the highest energy cosmic rays. This project involves the construction of two detector arrays, located in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, respectively. The Southern Site covers 3000 square kilometers and consists of 1600 particle detectors and four atmospheric fluorescence detector. The objective of the arrays is to measure the arrival direction, energy, and mass composition of cosmic ray air showers above 1019 eV.

The Southern Site is located near the city of MalargŁe (province of Mendoza, Argentina), in a place named Pampa Amarilla, spanning across the MalargŁe and San Rafael Departments.

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